Business Area and Vision

FNC Service will be a global company to spread through out the world!!

Our Vision
  • We will expand our business areas as a comprehensive chemical distributor by manufacturing, distributing, exporting and importing products related with Industrial coatings, chemicals for leather processing.

  • Furthermore, we will continue to find out competitive products from the market at home and abroad as well and will move forward as a globally competitive company.

  • We specialize in handling composite materials and synthetic resins. In addition, we will do our best
    to aggressively go into the advanced composite market and create the significant high-value business.

Chemicals for Leather processing
  • We have improved dramatically durability, abrasion resistance, rubbing-fastness, feeling of touching,
    surface ventilation and odour. This product has been recognized by renowned Korea and international leather manufacturers. It is specialized for the properties to meet the needs and quality of bags and wallets etc. Additionally, it is certified by domestic and foreign professional institutions about not using hazardous chemicals.

  • Currently, we are exporting these chemicals to China and doing business with major domestic companies such as Chokwang Leather, Uni-Chem and Samyang Tongsang etc.

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  • We currently specialize in handling with Fiberglass, UP resin, S/BMC, infusion products and also provide
    FRP solutions of composite materials, components and molding equipment etc.

  • In addition, we will be a leading company in composite materials to expand our business fields with
    advanced composite products, precision molding machinery and specialized comprehensive solutions.